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Due Diligence

With LocateRisk, cyber insurance companies,
Investment funds and M&A brokers can
better estimate the IT security situation
of their customers.

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The Challenge of Cyber-Insurance

Insurance companies have limited resources to measure the security situation of applicants and determine the overall risk. Currently, insurers rely on questionnaires, penetration tests or on-site assessments to gain insight into the company's cyber risk.

While these methods are effective, they are also time-consuming and expensive. To optimize the underwriting process, insurers therefore need automated, data-driven tools.

Less Effort and More Security through Automated IT Risk Analysis

A transparent risk analysis helps underwriters to measure the risks of their clients and applicants more effectively. In contrast to subjective questionnaires and self-assessments, LocateRisk offers an easy-to-understand assessment including comprehensive vulnerability details.

This objective analysis enables insurers to make informed underwriting decisions and provide tools to help policyholders mitigate risk.

Insurance brokers can also use LocateRisk to classify the IT security situation of companies in advance and offer the appropriate cyber insurance.

The IT risk of their new customers can thus be quickly measured and easily assessed. The LocateRisk analysis also helps insurance brokers to create awareness for IT security issues in order to improve customer contact and customer conversations.

Challenge with Investment Funds

Merger & Acquisition

Companies have insight into financial, legal and other risks during the due diligence process. But they are often left in the dark when it comes to cyber risks. While questionnaires, IT audits and penetration tests can provide some insight into security practices, these methods are time-consuming and only reflect a snapshot.

To proactively identify and mitigate risks, companies need automated tools that continuously and objectively measure and monitor the security of potential acquisitions and ongoing investments. Traditional vulnerability scanners are not enough - comparable KPIs are needed.

Transparency and Comparability through Quantification of Cyber Risks

LocateRisk delivers timely, data-driven analyses of a company's external IT security situation. These accurate security classifications help to identify critical problems in M&A transactions and investments at an early stage.

LocateRisk's easy-to-use SaaS platform enables organizations to manage the security of their investment portfolios through dynamic reporting and detailed security metrics. All this even without IT security expertise!

Monitor and minimize your external IT attack surface

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