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Measure and compare
IT Security

In times of digitalization, cyber attacks on companies and their value chain are on the rise. LocateRisk offers an IT security analysis within 48 hours that can be understood by everyone. This analysis shows the cyber risk of your company in comparison to direct competitors.

Your Security Rating

LocateRisk examines your network and application security and uncovers infections, encryption, open ports, configuration errors and data breaches.

Key figure-based evaluation of the IT security situation

Comparable and understandable presentation of the cyber risk

Detailed weak-point analysis with recommendations for action

Risk Management

Gain insight into the security situation of your business partners, such as suppliers, service providers, consultants or distributors.

Reduction of damages caused by hacked business partners

Compliance of security standards

Digitalization and automation of manual security processes

Critical Infrastructure

Prove IT-Security

With ISO 27001, critical infrastructures have strict compliance requirements - with LocateRisk these can be guaranteed.

Due Diligence

Identify IT-Security Risks

With LocateRisk, cyber insurers, investment funds and M&A brokers can assess the IT-Risk of their clients.

IT-Security Consulting

Identify possible vulnerabilities

Raise the security awareness of your customers as an IT system house with an easily understandable risk analysis.

Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

Create automated risk analyses

IT security in the management report - present the company-wide IT security situation of your subsidiaries in a comprehensible manner.

Why a
Security Rating?

Advancing digitization is making IT security increasingly relevant. 75 percent of all companies in Germany were affected by cyber attacks in 2019. A security rating helps you to assess cyber risks and improve your IT security.


In order to make data-driven decisions about an organization's cyber-risk, measurable and comparable information must be available. LocateRisk offers company-specific reports on the IT security status and prepares the abstract IT security situation in a clear and understandable way. This is the only way to understand dangerous situations and to instruct management to take the necessary measures.

What checks

LocateRisk examines your company from the perspective of an external attacker. For this purpose a digital footprint of your company is created. App security, infections, network security, patch management, data breaches, DNS configuration and encryption are checked and summarized in a comprehensive report.

Cyber-Risk analyses
made in Germany

The LocateRisk project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, makes IT security of companies measurable and comparable. By means of company-specific reports, the abstract IT security situation of a company is presented in a comprehensible and clear way.

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Increase the
security awareness
in your company


Verifiable facts instead of gut feeling - standardized KPIs reveal the cyber risk of your company.

Comparable results

The LocateRisk analysis shows your IT security situation in comparison to similar companies and competitors.
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Meaningful charts

The complex topic is presented clearly and compactly within an IT management report.

Continuous monitoring

Regular benchmarks allow you to keep an eye on your dynamic security situation.

Our mission

Making cyber-risk analyses easy

We want to prepare and communicate IT security to the executive floor in an understandable way and make a contribution to strengthening the cyber security of German companies and European networks.

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We are LocateRisk

Startup & Partner for IT Security

Learn more about LocateRisk and our dedicated team of experts.

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Cyber Security Study

The Online Survey with Cyber Risk Analysis

Take part in our large-scale cyber security study and make your contribution to improving the IT security situation in Germany. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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Our IT security tips

Are you adequately protected?

Learn what measures protect your company against cybercrime and what security precautions each company should take.

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