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How Secure Is a Company?

Assess the security of enterprise-wide IT environments. Simple. Secure. Non-invasive.

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Risk Management

Reduce supply chain risks in your company through automated monitoring of third-party firms.

On-demand assessment of new business partners

Automated audit of IT and GDPR compliance

Digitization of manual security processes

Critical Infrastructure

Prove IT-Security

Critical infrastructure operators must meet strict compliance requirements with ISO 27001. LocateRisk enables you to prove this effortlessly.

Due Diligence

Identify IT-Security Risks

With LocateRisk, cyber insurers, fund managers and M&A brokers can assess their clients' IT risk and make better decisions.

Managed Services

Increase Safety Awareness

As an IT system house, communicate the IT security status of customers and prospects proactively and with ease. For more understanding and budget.

Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

Compare IT Security

IT security in the board report: Show the group-wide IT security situation of your holdings in a comprehensible way in the shortest possible time.

Why do a
Security Rating?

More cloud systems, complex supply chains, and growing third-party IT landscapes make protecting the organization-wide attack surface a challenge.

84 percent of all companies in Germany were affected by cyber attacks in 2022, according to a recent study commissioned by the digital association Bitkom.

A security rating helps you identify cyber risks immediately and improve IT security.

Why choose LocateRisk?

Data security and privacy decisions require measurable information. LocateRisk uncovers potential IT risks in the external attack surface of organizations and provides functions to quickly minimize them.

Based on the analyses, more informed business decisions can be made and safety-critical processes can be improved.

With monitoring, you can easily keep an eye on the situation and prove security progress at any time.

What does
LocateRisk check?

LocateRisk examines your company from the perspective of an external attacker.

The IT systems and applications covered are checked for app security, infections, network security, patch management, data breaches, DNS configuration and encryption.

The result is presented in 2 variants: a descriptive report for management and a vulnerability dashboard with relevant details for IT managers.

LocateRisk develops new security technologies thanks to Distr@l funding program

Following funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2020/2021, the state of Hesse is supporting the development of new security technologies until 2025 as part of the Distr@l digital funding program.

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Increase the
Security Awareness
in Your Company


Verifiable facts instead of gut feeling - standardized KPIs reveal the cyber risk of your company.

Comparable Results

The LocateRisk analysis shows your IT security situation in comparison to similar companies and competitors.

Meaningful Charts

The complex topic is presented clearly and compactly within an IT management report.

Continuous Monitoring

Regular benchmarks allow you to keep an eye on your dynamic security situation.

Our Mission

Simplifying IT Risk Analysis

We want to convey IT security in a simple and understandable way, accelerate the IT security process and thus contribute to strengthening the cyber security of German companies and European networks.

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We Are LocateRisk

A Specialist for Automated IT Risk Analysis and Monitoring

Our External Attack Surface Management platform, enables organizations of all sizes and industries to automatically assess, prove and continuously improve the security of their external attack surface. In 2020/21, it has already been possible to measure more than four million servers, compare 50,000 companies and make 14 million recommendations for action to reduce risk. LocateRisk maintains an exchange with the experts at Fraunhofer SIT and TU Darmstadt.

We are a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the BSI and bear the "IT Security made in Germany" mark of the German IT Security Association.

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Cyber Security Study

The online survey with IT risk analysis has ended

The results of the cyber security study are currently being processed and will be made available once they have been completed. The aim of the study is to obtain an overview of the cyber risks visible from the outside, in order to improve the IT security situation in Germany in a targeted manner on the basis of this information. 

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Our IT security tips

Are you adequately protected?

Learn what measures protect your company against cybercrime and what security precautions each company should take.

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