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Protect your business success from third-party risks

Third Party Cyber Risk Management:
For secure business relationships

Continuously assess business partners for IT security and data protection compliance to ensure your business success and avoid costly outages.

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Gain transparency and time

Automate your supplier risk management

Easily validate, monitor, and compare the security posture of business relationships. Identificate risks early and direct remediation requests to IT managers.

Choose from customizable email drafts and three result formats. Audited companies can view their analysis report free of charge for one month by arrangement to efficiently close potential security gaps. This significantly reduces the amount of work and resources required and ensures greater security in the supply chain.

The Third Party Risk Management solution supports the implementation of the NIS2 minimum requirements regarding

- Analysis and assessment of IT security risks
- Ensuring security in procurement
- Ensuring controls on the security requirements of suppliers in the supply chain

Get started right away with third-party cyber risk management assessment

Standardized, time-saving procedure

Check current IT risk of thousands of companies at the same time

A basis for all stakeholders

Role-based access control and individual user accounts

Scale as needed

Monitoring at selectable intervals: annually, quarterly, monthly, daily

Automated supplier consent

Functions for obtaining scanning permission speed up communication

Shorten the response time

Automatic notifications of changes in the risk situation

Gain transparency at a glance

Dashboard, filtering, sorting and sharing capabilities for easy management

Assign risk classes individually

Classification of the companies according to high, medium and low criticality

Keep third-party risks continuously in view

The automated business partner risk assessment shows at a glance where risks with possible negative consequences arise for you.

+ Simple classification of providers according to predefined risk profiles and categories

+ Manage results through the dashboard and act faster to protect yourself.

Learn when you are exposed to third party risk

Track risk development over time.
In case of security-relevant changes, you will receive a notification and can immediately address the remedy to responsible persons.

+ Communication function for obtaining scanning permission speeds up the process.

+ Filter for quick overview of risk results.

Gain new insights through risk comparisons by industry

Identify risky companies in the IT security comparison and draw your conclusions based on objective analyses.

+ Sort and compare suppliers by freely selectable categories.

+ Excellent scalability through Rest API for automated data integration and optimal retrieval.

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Protect your productivity, profitability, liquidity, and reputation with continuous, objective relationship security assessments.

Get an overview of potential risks along the value chain.

Data collected over the Internet is assessed for security risks according to international industry standards.

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