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LocateRisk non-invasively examines your network and application security, uncovering infections, encryption, open ports, configuration errors and data breaches.

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Key figure-based evaluation of the IT security situation

Detailed vulnerability analysis, including recommendations for action

Comparable and understandable presentation of the cyber risk

Network Security Challenge

IT security is complex and, especially due to digitalization, poses many new threats. Therefore, cyber security must not only play a major role in everyday IT life, but must also be a top priority at management level. Only through clear cyber-risk figures and comprehensible analyses is it possible to identify the danger from outside. Due to the dynamic system landscape and the continuous emergence and discovery of security gaps, potential areas of attack should also be checked regularly. An effort that is almost impossible to manage manually.

Efficient control through automated cyber security audits

Therefore, you need a system that enables you to control and monitor cyber risks automatically. For controlling, a management view that can be understood without specialist knowledge must be available. In addition, there must be comprehensible vulnerability reports that provide the IT department with the best possible support in eliminating the vulnerabilities. This is exactly what we offer you. LocateRisk examines companies from the perspective of an external attacker and uses state-of-the-art methods to analyze the digital footprint in order to highlight the cyber risk.

LocateRisk - Measuring IT security

The result of the security scan is presented in a clear report and can be clearly communicated to the management. The LocateRisk Security Score is based on measurable performance indicators, such as network security, application security, data breaches, configuration or infections.

LocateRisk - Compare IT Security

LocateRisk allows you to compare your security situation with that of your competitors. Through our comparable Security Score you can see how your IT security situation relates to that of your peer group.

LocateRisk - conclusive IT security

In addition to the clear management report, a detailed weak-point analysis is offered. This provides information about dangers and risks and supports your IT department in eliminating the discovered vulnerabilities.

LocateRisk - continuous IT security

With LocateRisk, your IT security is continuously controlled by continuous monitoring. In case of identified dangers you will be notified directly in order to eliminate them as quickly as possible. At the same time your success is shown by an improving score.

LocateRisk - Scaling IT Security

LocateRisk captures the IT risk situation from SMEs to DAX corporations. Rely on the scalable solution that can analyze the IT security of even a large number of companies.

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