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Bring transparency to your enterprise-wide IT landscape. Gain an overview of the security of your IT systems and accelerate the backup process with efficient functions that save time and costs.

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IT Risk Analysis and Monitoring: How to Stay in Control

Monitor and minimize the IT attack surface - with just one application

Simplify communication - with individual reports for management and IT

Meeting and proving compliance requirements - with certificate and seal

Gain more efficiency in the IT security process and save resources

Speed up Your Security Process

Hackers scour the Internet for vulnerable systems every minute. At the same time, the number of new vulnerabilities published every day is increasing rapidly. What use are temporary pentests? The result is outdated in the next minute.

Keep an eye on the situation effortlessly with automated IT risk analyses that regularly check your company-wide IT landscape in real time. You identify potential vulnerabilities immediately and can take proactive action.

In the event of safety-critical changes, the notification function automatically reports an alarm and takes you directly to the findings. This accelerates the optimization process and permanently minimizes risks.

IT Risk Analysis - Your Advantages

Your IT attack surface at a glance
Measure and compare the security of your IT landscape in no time.

More safety, less effort
Significantly accelerated IT risk management thanks to SaaS platform with prioritized results and time-saving features.

Share safety-relevant findings
Assign critical vulnerabilities directly to the responsible IT teams.

Prove IT security status at any time
Use IT risk analysis or monitoring as evidence to third parties such as auditors and insurance companies.

Individual reports for management and IT
Grafisch visualized overview for management and detailed information for IT managers.

LocateRisk - Measuring IT security

The result of the security scan is presented in a clear report and can be clearly communicated to the management. The LocateRisk Security Score is based on measurable performance indicators, such as network security, application security, data breaches, configuration or infections.

LocateRisk - Compare IT Security

LocateRisk allows you to compare your security situation with that of your competitors. Through our comparable Security Score you can see how your IT security situation relates to that of your peer group.

LocateRisk - conclusive IT security

In addition to the clear management report, a detailed weak-point analysis is offered. This provides information about dangers and risks and supports your IT department in eliminating the discovered vulnerabilities.

LocateRisk - continuous IT security

With LocateRisk, your IT security is continuously controlled by continuous monitoring. In case of identified dangers you will be notified directly in order to eliminate them as quickly as possible. At the same time your success is shown by an improving score.

LocateRisk - Scaling IT Security

LocateRisk captures the IT risk situation from SMEs to DAX corporations. Rely on the scalable solution that can analyze the IT security of even a large number of companies.

Monitor and minimize your external IT attack surface

Schedule a demo and see how well your organization-wide IT attack surface is protected.

Overview of the externally accessible system landscape (incl. shadow IT).

Assessment of the IT security situation, classified according to 8 categories and prioritized according to criticality.

Functions and recommended actions for quick optimization.

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