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Third Party Risk Management

Unless the IT systems of your business partners are adequately protected, your own IT security may be threatened. Prevent a possible threat. With LocateRisk, you can quickly and easily gain insight into the cyber risk of suppliers and service providers. You can identify the situation and derive appropriate security measures.

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Your cyber security is only as strong as the weakest link in your ecosystem. A security gap in the supply chain increases business risk and threatens productivity, profitability, liquidity and reputation.

However, measuring the cyber-risk of your business partners is complex and difficult to capture. Due to the dynamic IT landscape and the intransparency of your business partners, damage caused by cyber attacks can hardly be estimated.

So how do you best meet your compliance requirements and protect your entire infrastructure from cyber risks?

Automated security audit of suppliers

A cooperation with LocateRisk also offers you many advantages in your business partner risk management. The comparable analyses provide your employees with an insight into the IT security of your service providers and suppliers.

By assessing and evaluating the business partner risk, you not only reduce the damage caused by hacker attacks, but also meet internal security standards.

Digital questionnaire for supplier evaluation

Digitize and automate manual security processes: a digital questionnaire from LocateRisk automatically captures the organizational view of suppliers. This can also be tailored to your needs. Receive the result of the risk analysis of your business partners in a timely, evaluable and fully automated manner.

No more paperwork - questionnaires on IT security are filled out digitally with LocateRisk. Business partners receive automated feedback and recommendations for action immediately afterwards, as well as an insight into their technical analysis results.

Questionnaires no longer have to be sent and evaluated manually. Instead, they are available digitally and fully automated. The results are processed in a user-friendly way in performance indicators and a traffic light system. In this way, comparisons between business partners can be made at regular intervals without additional effort and the cyber risk can be better assessed. Integration into existing software solutions is also possible.

A technical LocateRisk analysis with factual data on IT risk replaces the uncertainty about the security situation of business partners. Reporting to the Group is fact-based, automated and up-to-date. New compliance standards are set in your supply chain based on a continuous risk management process.

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Identify and reduce your cyber risks through a comparable and understandable overview of your IT security.

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