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IT security assessments for large organizations

Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

LocateRisk enables fully automated IT risk analyses for regular cyber security reports to the board of directors. Large companies, business groups, corporations and associations achieve decisive added value by determining the security of the IT systems of investments, suppliers and market participants in a comparable risk analysis.

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In order to provide the company management with an overview of the IT security situation of all investments, LocateRisk offers a non-invasive risk analysis with comparable performance indicators. The scanned data of the risk analysis provides information about externally visible network and application security, encryption and configurations. 

The IT security situation is presented clearly and compactly via the LocateRisk platform and offers the possibility to quickly provide the management level with recommendations for action. For this purpose, it is also possible to cluster the investments into categories in order to subsequently integrate the data via an export function into company-internal BI tools. In addition to the own investments, competitors can also be scanned anonymously and compared with the own IT situation.

Advantages at All Levels

Effective communication
The LocateRisk risk analysis shows management boards and supervisory boards the significance of IT security and cyber risks in a comprehensible and accessible manner using key figure-based metrics. 

Fast decision making
As cyber incidents have an increasing impact on business results, management needs a thorough understanding of the IT security situation to make the right decisions.

Automated reporting
Reduce the time required to manually capture metrics and data. Use automated and comparable risk analyses to show the cyber risk of your investments.

Strengthen awareness
Demonstrate how your IT security situation compares to industry peers and competitors. Compare the security situation of up to 10 companies quickly and efficiently.

Scalable Transparency
LocateRisk analyzes DAX corporations - the risk analysis of a large number of investments is no challenge.

Monitor and minimize your external IT attack surface

Schedule a demo and see how well your organization-wide IT attack surface is protected.

Overview of the externally accessible system landscape (incl. shadow IT).

Assessment of the IT security situation, classified according to 8 categories and prioritized according to criticality.

Functions and recommended actions for quick optimization.

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