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High-Tech Cybersecurity Power for More Security

Less attack surface from the outside, more security on the inside. Our cutting-edge cybersecurity analyses, monitoring and ratings accelerate the IT security process of companies in all industries and help to efficiently minimize cyber risks.

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Our Mission

We Transform the IT Security Process

Complex IT infrastructures and automated attacks make IT security a Herculean task. Conventional testing and protection measures can no longer cope with the speed and scale of developments - the IT security situation is getting out of control.

LocateRisk changes that. Our analyses capture, assess and compress the organization-wide, external IT attack surface into a KPI-based security score. This makes the organization-wide IT security situation transparent and helps with rapid optimization.

This allows you to effortlessly keep track of entire IT landscapes and prove the status with one click.

We Are LocateRisk

Meet the Core Team

We are all united by the desire to advance IT security in Germany.

Lukas Baumann

Our CEO and Founder

Don't wait too long, do it! - that is his motto. Lukas started developing the technology and building the first partnerships in 2018. His energy coupled with knowledge and determination makes him the driver of developments and a sought-after sparring partner for many customers. As a studied computer scientist, he has a firm grip on large amounts of data and transfers complex structures into short processes.


Team Development


Peter is our expert for development and IT operations. As a computer scientist by training, he has been involved with modern tech stacks for 10 years. He leads the development team at LocateRisk and drives the further development of our SaaS platform.

Team Sales

Alex and Ermira

Whoever comes into contact with us can choose the language: because in addition to German and English, Alex also speaks French and sometimes Swiss German. In addition, he is very good at helpful exchanges and quick quotes. Together with Ermira and the sales team, he ensures that our partners and customers are maximally satisfied.


Marketing & Communication


Kristina spent many years developing concepts and campaigns for brands like SICK AG, SAG, BASF, HPE, LEONI, BECHTLE, P&G etc.. Until she changed sides, inspired by a RHENUS startup project. Now she holds the marketing threads in her hands. And together with Team Sales, she ensures that every customer journey is a consistently positive experience.


How We Started

The story of LocateRisk goes back to a hackathon of Sparkassen Versicherung in 2018. The idea: to realize a software solution for the assessment of cyber risks in the B2B customer sector. The result was awarded first place and the service was further developed in close cooperation with IT managers.

In the meantime, the solution has advanced to a cybersecurity Saas platform that analyzes and continuously checks IT attack surfaces. To reduce the workload of admins and accelerate IT security improvement, there are support functions with recommendations for action as well as descriptive reports for management.

In this way, we support organizations of all sizes - from small and medium-sized enterprises to KRITIS operators and ministries to energy corporations. Our goal: We want to raise awareness of IT security and strengthen the cyber resilience of private and public institutions.

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