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LocateRisk was funded as a project by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2021.

Study on Cyber Security in Germany

The online survey was used to determine the cyber risk status in Germany in order to specifically improve the IT security situation in Germany.

The online survey, which took just under 5 minutes to complete, was aimed at CEOs, CISOs, IT managers and data protection officers from companies, organizations and institutions of all sizes. As a thank-you for their participation, they received a free IT security analysis in the form of a graphically presented, easy-to-understand management report. 

Free safety analysis as a thank you for your efforts!

The analysis provided the participants with a compact insight into their own IT security situation.

Security check of the own company

The free and non-invasive security check provided an overview of the IT risk of the participant company.

Simple reporting

The security situation of the participating company was presented in easy-to-understand KPIs. Management was thus able to classify the IT risk at a glance.

Recommendations for action

Recommendations for action based on the answers provided participants with valuable tips on how to improve their IT security situation.

Result of the study

After completion of the study, the anonymized overall result will be published and will provide an overview of the IT security landscape in Germany.

LocateRisk Study Completed

Advancing Cybersecurity in Germany Together

In order to gain an overview of the IT security of German companies and institutions, the LocateRisk project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2021, conducted a study on the topic of cybersecurity. The study is intended to provide information about the security situation with regard to cyber risks that are visible from the outside. The results are currently being prepared for publication.

Individual Cyber Risk Analysis

Fast, Safe & Easy to Understand

As a thank you, participants received a previously unseen insight into your IT security posture!

What Happens to the Data?

Safe. Local. Encrypted.

The data provided was stored in encrypted form on ISO 27001 certified data centers in Germany. Anonymized data was used for publication, which does not allow tracing back to an individual or a company. The data was used to raise awareness of cybersecurity among companies, to identify new research topics on IT security risks, and to improve the protection of IT systems against cyberattacks.


In order to make data-driven decisions about a company's cyber risk, measurable and comparable information must be available. LocateRisk offers company-specific reports of the IT security situation, which presents the abstract IT security situation in a comprehensible and clear manner. Only in this way can risk situations be understood and the necessary measures be instructed by management.

LocateRisk examines your company from the perspective of an external attacker (all data is publicly available). A digital footprint of your company is created and summarized in an understandable report. The report provides information about app security, infections, network security, patch management, data breaches, DNS configuration and encryption.

The aim of the project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is to recruit at least 600 study participants in order to be able to analyze the security situation of companies in a wide range of industries. The research results obtained in the study can be used to develop targeted solutions for security problems in the various industries. As a study participant, you will be informed about the results and the targeted solution approaches.

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